October Newsletter

Posted on October 1, 2012 · Posted in Newsletters

October Newsletter 2012

“Feeling Safe”

I first came to the Alberta House back in March of 2001, after having been homeless, or near homeless during the previous five years. Over those years I had kind of withdrawn from everything. I was never a big sociable person, but those years on the streets and in shelters had kind of numbed me to social interaction beyond a small group of people.

Whenever I was around more than a few people I would get very anxious and nervous. I could never really explain it, I just didn’t feel comfortable around people, I was more used to being on my own. So when I got to the Alberta House, it was a seemingly perfect situation. The rent was afforda-ble, and most importantly it was a secure building. So people couldn’t just come off the streets and knock on my door.

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